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December 09, 2018

LED Chaser Circuit with 555 timer

Hello, Everyone today in this article we will discuss LED chaser circuit using 555 timer. You can control two LEDs with this circuit. You Can use this circuit for controlling 2 LEDs you can also change the LED flashing speed. You can also control more LEDs by utilization of 2 N-Channel MOSFETs.

Video Tutorial:

Guys I will highly recommend you to watch my YouTube video about LED Chaser Circuit with 555 timer for more detailed information.

Part Details:

  1. 2 White LEDs
  2. NE555 Timer
  3. 2, 330Ohm Resistor
  4. 100K Resistor
  5. 1K Resistor
  6. 1 DC Capacitor(1,2,3,4....100uf)
  7. 9V Battery
  8. 9V Battery Clip
  9. PCB Board.

Circuit Diagram:

How the circuit works?

  1. The circuit is very simple. you can also make this the number 3 pin is the output pin. Number 3 pin gives the PWM signal which is something about logic 0 and logic 1. Logic 0 means 0 volt and logic 1 means 5 volt. Logic 1 and logic 0 alternates in a fraction of time. I mean if you find that the logic is high then after that the logic will be low after that it will be high and it will go on.

  2. Let's talk about logic 1: The logic 1 and logic 0 is sequential. So was let's talk about logic 1. Logic 1 means 5-volt output. Now if you have read the logic 0 paragraph then you can imagine the logic 1. This is logic 1 so it means that the voltage of PIN 3 is 5 volt. So we can say the middle node voltage is 5 volt. Let's talk about LED 2 first. The middle node voltage is 5 volt and the GND voltages are 0 volt. Show current will flow from the middle node to GND. So we can say the led 2 will run.

  3.  Let's talk about LED 1, let's imagine you have connected the circuitry with 5-volt power supply. Show the Vcc voltage is 5 volt and also the middle node voltages 5 volt so there is no potential difference between these two points so we can say the LED 1 will not work.

  4. This cycle continuous one by one. And the two LED glows one by one.

  5. Here the capacitor takes a great role in switching. Let me explain, the capacity at which you have connected is charging and discharging simultaneously. Firstly the capacitor charges and it comes to a threshold point. The capacitor stores the charge up to the threshold value. When the capacitor crosses it's threshold point then the IC triggers and suddenly the capacitor started discharging. The circle will what till the capacitor fully discharged after that the capacitor fully charged and crossed is the threshold point. And the same circle runs more and more. Here the capacity takes a great part. If you use a capacitor with higher capacity, Then the flashing of the LED will be slower. For this reason, I have used female headers for seeing the changes after changing the capacitor.
      Now you come to the conclusion that we use 555 timer for flashing 2 LEDs. You Can also read the new article about LED Chaser Circuit with 4017 I.C.

Monday, 3 December 2018

December 03, 2018

LED Chaser with only 4017

Hello Guys, Today in this article I will discuss LED Chaser Circuit Using 4017 Lighting IC. Hope you guys enjoy and you will make this project in your home.

Needed Components:

  1. 4017 Lighting IC. Click Here
  2. 1k Resistor. Click Here
  3. PCB Board  Click Here
  4. 10 LEDs for Chasing. Click Here
  5. Female Header Click Here
  6. 9V Battery  Click Here
  7. 9V Battery Connector.  Click Here
  8. Connecting Wires. Click Here
  9. Jumpers Click Here
  10. Multi-Colour LED Click Here
  11. 16 PIN IC Socket. Click Here
  12. Soldering Iron Click Here

4017 IC PIN Out:

Watch The Full Video!!

How It Works?

  1. 4017 IC has 10 Output pins and the IC needs a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for running this process. For this case the Pin 14 of the IC Works. For the reason, we use 555 Timer IC for giving the PWM signal. But in this case, we have used a Multi-Colour RGB LED for Triggering the IC. This is the simple concept of the Circuit. 
  2. If you look carefully then you can see the pattern is not always same. Sometimes It goes faster than expected and sometimes it Goes Slower. Here Is the Reason,

    • If you see the Multi-colour RGB LED from Close then you can see that the LED has some Strange Pattern. When the LED Goes Slower than Expected then the PWM Signal Produced from the LED was Low.
    • If you find the LED Changing Pattern is Faster than before, then the PWM signal produced from the LED became very High. As a result, you find that the 10 LED chasing speed Has gone too fast. 

  3.  I have Used a Multi-Color LED you can also use a Dual Colour LED for getting more accurate and a single Pulse as a Signal. You can Use any LED as your wish. For this case, the LED is running in only one state so we can believe that we will only get one PWM signal and the LED Pattern Goes from 1 to 10 in a single pattern.

Circuit Diagram:

             The Wiring will take some time for being complete. After Its doe then you can Gibe the Power anything in 3.7v to 9V for running the LED Chaser Circuit. It is a very Easy Circuit. So, I will highly recommend you to make this simple circuit.

            If you Guys Have Some Doubts about this project then I will request You to write down a comment in the comment section. This highly motivates me for writing such articles for you guys.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

November 18, 2018

How to run android OS in PC?

Why Android OS?

Suppose you have an old PC or laptop. Suppose the laptop is hanging so much and that you cannot work anymore with Windows OS. Now you try to format your PC but it doesn't solve your problem. For solving the problem I will suggest you go for Android OS that will make your PC faster and smoother than Windows. Today in this topic I will be discussing how you can run Android OS side by side Windows 10. So let's jump into our topic.

Different Android Os:

  1. Remix os
  2. Phoenix Os
  3. Android-x86

      There are different os are available for your Android. On behalf of those are you only like the phoenix OS most.

  1. The Phoenix OS is made with 7.1 Nougat. So it means that you can run the most Android application at this time.
  2. Smooth and responsive.
  3. You can use your flash drive for installing this Os.
  4. You can run any high graphics intensive games like PUBG Mobile in this OS in 60fps HDR Ultra settings.


  1. First, download the installer exe file from the link below.
  2. Run the installer file. There will you find three options. In this case and just making my USB flash drive as an Android drive and this drive is 32GB in capacity.
  3. Connect the USB drive into your PC
  4. Select the middle option from the installer this is for making a USB flash drive as bootable so after that, you have to just refresh as select your flash drive. then click on ok and your flash drive making process will be on it will take some time for making the bootable drive.
  5. After that shut down your PC. Then connect the USB drive to your PC or your laptop.  Go to your boot menu. From their search, the USB drive selects that and press enter.
  6. Now, wait for sometime. It may show some errors but don't worry it will automatically boot up with Android. Obviously, you all know the fastboot will take some time. So wait for sometime and it will boot with Android OS automatically.

How to Unlock Download Link?

  1. There are 3 Buttons available Below. 
  2. If you forget any step then you will not be able to download the Desired Content.
  3. Firstly, Click on the buttons Do the tasks that are given one by one first to last.
  4. Click on the first button and Subscribe to Creative Creator. then come back to this page.
  5. If you have Subscribed to Creative Creator then the 2nd Button will work. In this task, you have to like Creative creators Official Facebook Page.
  6. If you have liked Creative Creator's Facebook Page then you Will Go for the last as well as the final task for downloading your Desired Content.
  7. If you Skip any step or you have directly Clicked on your desired step then you will not get the Download Link.
  8. Go and Enjoy!!

Now you are all set. You can use your Android as your mobile phone in your PC.

My Recommendation:

  1. If you have an old potato 🥔 PC then go with for this type of OS. It will not slow down your PC and don't Lag anymore.
  2. If you want to play PUBG  MOBILE without any Lag any issue without any graphics card also then this is a perfect choice, in my opinion, it will not give you any leg experience. You can also play in HDR ultra graphics settings.
  3. It is a lightweight OS suggest 600 MB only for Android OS so it is very low comparing with windows.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

November 01, 2018

Gaming PC build guide: the best parts for a custom gaming PC

Excellent performance for every time.

PCs are great and day by day the technology is improving. Graphics and many other rendering things are introduced. Some people are photography enthusiastic. They may use photoshop. For running all the things together we need a good specs PC. So, today in this article I will discuss Gaming PC build guide: the best parts for a custom Budget gaming PC.

You don't need to spend the High amount of money on making a gaming PC. In this build, You can play any AAA title games in 1080p Ultra settings. In some cases, this custom Gaming PC can give you 1440p Gaming Experience. Thanks to NVIDIA for making awesome graphics cards.

Components I have used:

  1. Asus B450 plus Gaming Motherboard Click Here
  2. Ryzen 5 1600 Click Here
  3. 8GB RAM 3000MHz Click Here
  4. Zotac GTX 1060 6GB Graphics card Click Here
  5. Samsung 860 EVO 250GB SATA SSD Click Here
  6. Samsung 970 EVO 250GB M.2 SSD Click 
  7. Toshiba 1TB HDD Click Here
  8. Cabinet Click Here
  9. Cooler Master 1200W PSU Click Here
  10. RGB Strips Click Here
  11. 120mm fan Click Here
  12. LG 4K Monitor Click Here 

Asus B450 plus Gaming Motherboard:

  1. The motherboard comes with 6 PWM FAN Socket and with an aio Pump.
  2. It has RGB headers in it. You can control the color of the RGB from the AURA Software from ASUS. Customizable colors are also available for it.
  3. The motherboard is an overclockable Board so you can overclock and ryzen 2nd generation processor it is a pretty great thing.
  4. The motherboard has 4 RAM Slots. Each slot can handle up to 16GB of RAM. So, in grand total, It can handle up to 64GB of RAM that is Huge.
  5. The motherboard comes with DTS sound. Believe me or not the sound output is just Ossom.
  6. This motherboard has Inbuilt Graphics in it when I pared with GTX 1060 6GB then it shows the total of 10GB Graphics Memory.
              Overall I can say it is a Pretty damm good motherboard in my opinion so I will suggest you to go for this motherboard it is just a beast.


I am using Ryzen 5 1600 Processor. Which I think Best for this Build.

Why Ryzen 5 1600?

Cores: 6 | Threads: 12 | Base Clock: 3.2GHz | Turbo Clock: 3.6GHz | Overclocking: Yes | L3 Cache: 16MB | TDP: 65W | PCIe 3.0 lanes: 16


I have chosen the vengeance LPX 3000Mhz DDR4 ram. If you are building a ryzen PC then I will highly recommend you to go for high-frequency rams such as 3200 or 3800 MHz rams because ryzen CPUs performs great with High-frequency rams. In my case, the high frequency was not available in my local market so I decided to go for 3000mhz  ram.


I have used clarion cheap PSU. The PSU is said to be 800w But I have doubt. I will later upgrade it with courier or any Cooler master type PSUs which will be more powerful than this PSU.
If you are building a PC then I will suggest you go for high watt I mean nearly 800w of PSUs that will be more greater and better. If the power supply is not working properly then It may affect your motherboard so Take care about that.


For the cabinet, I showed some DIY and made my Pentium Cabinet to RGB Cooling cabinet. If you have not read that article yet then I will Highly recommend you to read my another article about this topic.


For the storage of this gaming PC till now I have two storage devices. one Laptop 1TB Toshiba HDD and another Samsung 860 Evo 250GB. I have used the Samsung drove as the boot drive because it will make your PC Lot faster than a regular HDD so, Go for SSD for higher speeds. Now my PC Boots up in almost 3sec. so, it is a great thing. If you are making a PC then I will highly recommend you to go for an SSD.


I had some ordinary non-RGB fans laying around I have applied some DIY made the ordinary fan to RGB fan. That made my PC more professional looking.
I have used 5050 RGB LED strips for the RGB  decoration. and one more thing is that my motherboard only supports 5050 LEDs. It doesn't support ws2812b LEDs in which we can change individual colors of every LED.  more ever 5050 LEDs are also a great choice for budget. as they are cheap.

Graphics card:

I have used GTX 1060 6GB Edition from Zotac. In one word I can say that it is a beast. It can run any AAA title Games in 60fps Ultra settings. the maximum power consumption for this GPU is 300w this is Huge.
   **You can buy any edition of this card but every edition comes with 2 years warranty.         But on behalf of all of them, I have chosen the Zotac edition.
Let me show the reason:
If you register any Zotac graphics car in 28days of buying then you will get an extra 3 years warranty. so in total, you will get 5 years of warranty. so it is a great thing for Zotac Cards.
Hats off for Zotac cards.....!!!
Other best thing is that it comes with the dual fan and it is pretty sufficient cooldown the card although the fans are not blower type...
they have done a great job.
the memory is 6GB GDDR5 type 128bit memory it is pretty huge.

If the 6GB version is so expensive for you then go for the 1060 3GB version believe me guys the 1050ti 4GB version is not as great as 1060 3GB version. You can get average 10-15fps greater in 1060 3GB from the 1050ti 4GB version.


till now I have a single monitor setup. later I will upgrade it to dual monitor setup. I am using LG 22inch Full HD 1080p monitor.

Reasons I choose this?

  1. Full HD 1080p anti-glance  Display
  2. This is Free-sync supported  Monitor. This means if you are using an AMD graphics card, your refresh rate automatically goes beyond the 60Hz limit.
  3. Max 75Hz Refresh rate.
  4. It has minimal bezel at the edges.
  5. It has Beautiful color representations.
  6. It Comes with a decent male-to-male HDMI connector. The cable is very short. Quality is not world-class but does a decent job of responsive video data transfer, when it comes to quick display changes (like  Video Editing, gaming).
  7. Reader/Gaming/Custom modes are available. 
Overall I can say that It is a great Gaming PC build guide: the best parts for a custom gaming PC. Hope you guys like the article and share this article to everywhere 

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September 05, 2018

How to make a powerful audio amplifier with 4440 IC?

4440 amplifier circuit diagram

Here is a Quick article where I am showing how you can make a 4440 amplifier circuit diagram you can also follow my Instructable page for better schematics, Now Let's get into it.

Features of 4440 IC:

  1. It is built in 2 channels either you can use it as Mono or as Stereo.
  2. It has a ripple rejection of 46dB.
  3. The 4440 IC can handle voltage up to 18v. But in general cases, we use 12v as Input.
  4. Both channels have clarity as they have good separation of audio, and the audio is distortion free.
  5. If you use 4440 IC in Stereo mode then wattage will be 6W x 2.
  6. If you use 4440 IC as Bridge mode then Wattage will be 19W.
  7. It has a protection circuit inbuilt.

Video Tutorial:

First, watch the full video then you will understand everything.

Used Components:

  1. One speaker (max 8 ohm)  Click Here
  2. 1uf 63v Capacitor  Click Here
    (You can use any cap between 16v and 63v) 
  3. One 4440 IC. Click Here
  4. Some wires. Click Here
  5. Soldering Iron
  6. 3.5 mm audio jack  Click Here
    (Note. You can collect the audio jack from any old or nonworking Headphones. If you don't have any then buy from the link given below.) 
  7. 12v battery or any power adapter Click Here
  8. Heat sink Click Here

4440 IC:

  1. I will go as simple as possible. there are 14 pins in the ic and it can mainly be used in Bridge Mono or in Stereo Mode.
  2. If you want to use the 4440 IC in Stereo mode then both channels are maximum capable of 5w so the sum of the two speakers will be 10w.
  3. If we use the amplifier at Bridge node then we can drive a total of 19w speakers.
  4. By the comparison, we can get that the efficiency of the bridge Mono amplifier is quite high. nearly 'x2'.
  5. That's why we are making the bridge amplifier.
  6. If you hold the IC from the front side I mean the 4440 logo is in front of you then the Pin Numbering will be 1 to 14 Left to right. Now it will be easier to understand.

4440 ic amplifier circuit diagram:

Circuit Diagram

           **Make sure you have connected all the components carefully otherwise you will damage the IC.

Note: Guys I didn't edit the original audio clip and also it is recorded from Android phone's Inbuilt Microphone. I don't have utilized any external mike so You will found some distortions. 

        Here is the complete article about 4440 ic amplifier circuit diagram. Hope you guys will understand and take this DIY project to an end. and don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. and if you want better schematics and better picture then you can follow my Instructables page. and lastly, Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more amazing tech DIY kinds of stuff.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

August 30, 2018

Sanhok Map On PUBG Mobile free download

Sanhok Map On PUBG Mobile

Let's talk about PUBG. If you are using PUBG China version then you should know about today's topic. PUBG has released the beta update for beta users. now they have introduced so many things.
here in this topic let's discuss that clearly. beta users got a new map Sanhok. for playing on the map you have to download the full beta version of the game and later I will discuss what are the things.

Follow my steps:

1. Download the  game from Here
2. It will take about 1.5GB for downloading
make sure you have not exhausted your Jio 1.5GB Daily data
3. afterward, now click on the install button.
4. like all games hen you click on the apk file then it will instantly give the install option. whenever you click on the install button then it will take some time for loading the apk. as the apk size is 112MB so the time is OK I Guess.
5. Now click on the install button and after that, the installation should be completed.
7. Now you can play PUBG Sanhok map.


  1. Beta version is for a Limited time.
  2. Store option and other customization options are not available in this case.
  3. The server is not as powerful as original PUBG Mobile. suppose you are searching for a duo match sometimes it will give some error to loading the game. Or like server timeout.
  4. As a beta version, you might see some lags in the game.
  5. The players who are using PUBG beta version are very tough to beat. as most of those are pro players. For exploring a new map they are taking a good practice with the new map. when the new map will be released in PUBG official game then they will know where they get much loot. where they can hide and many other things which complicate other players.
  6.  Last but not the least there are only two servers available for the beta version
  • North America
  • Korea [Till the last Update] 

Conclusion: All in all I can say that PUBG is a very addictive game. If you like to explore the new things of the game before it releases then I will definitely suggest you try the Beta version of PUBG.

If you have any suggestions feel free to write a comment in the comment section below. Follow me on social sites. And lastly subscribe to my YouTube channel for more amazing tech, DIY videos.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

August 28, 2018

How to repair old torch or emergency Light?

How to repair old torch or emergency Light?

Repairing of emergency lights or torch is very easy nowadays. If you have dome basic repairing components then repairing is not a hard task. In this article, I will show you step by step checking process from where you can easily find which components/ component is misbehaving.

Here is a Quick demo video-

What is the problem of my emergency light?

In my emergency light, there are few problems
1st: the switch of the light is jammed. Light on and off process takes too much effort.
2nd: In spite of being charged the light the light is running very Short period.

steps should be followed for checking the emergency light.

Step1: first open the torch or emergency light with screwdrivers.
Step2: There you will find 3 main components

  1. Light Module itself.
  2. Battery
  3. Charging Board.

We will check all the components one by one. For a more clear concept, you must watch the YouTube video.

Step3: first we have to charge the emergency light with given adaptor or power cable for about 3 hours. Now if the battery is OK then it will deliver power to the light but if it is not OK then the light will run for a short time and then we will understand that the battery is dead.

Step4: Now you have checked that the battery can't able to hold the charge then surely change the battery otherwise you have to follow the step5.

Step5: you have checked the battery voltage is nearly the mentioned voltage (i.e. for some cases 4v and some cases 6v) then the problem should be from the charging board or the light section.
first, examine the components on PCP see that if there is any burning mark then you have to check it at the first sight.
Your 2nd work would be to smell the PCB and you have to find if there is any burnt smell.
Ok, That was the easy part.
Now you have to check all components part by part.

Step 6: First see the AC Capacitor is OK or not if the AC Capacitor (PF) is looking like the blasted mode or if there is any mark of a cut then you should understand that PF is not working.
Now we will check the Bridge rectifiers.

(i.e. if you don't know how to check the diodes here is a quick demo for you. set your millimeter to diode mode then use the two props of the muleteer multimeter to the diode. community connect the 2 props to the diodes end and do the same thing by replacing the two end of the diode. if you see that value is showing only one direction then you should understand that the diode is OK if you face such a situation where you are gating values for the two sides. then you should understand that the diode is damaged.)

Generally, the resistor connected with the parallel to the AC Capacitor damage. Other resistors which are auxiliary they should not damage generally.

Step7: Now till this step every component are OK. all are working property. now the next thing you will look first is the switch itself. I'm my case the switch was fully jammed. as a result, the light was not working properly.
So, what I did is that I used coconut oil for easy movement of the switch. and It worked just fine.

Step8: think such a situation where you have checked all 7 steps mentioned before. and your light was not cured.
so here the problems should be the spot lights itself.
It sometimes happens... you have forgotten to turn off the light when the light is charging. If this happens to your light then you have to remove the bad LED and replace it with a good one.
So, these are the major problems occurred in Emergency LED light. If you find this topic helpful to you have then please share this article with your relatives, Neighbors, family, and anywhere the world.

If I have made any mistake or if you have any query, suggestions then comment section is available feel free to write. It will motivate me for making good content you guys. And one more thing is that you should subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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