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How to repair not working DC Motor?

How to repair not working DC Motor?

First, watch the full video then you will understand everything.

What is a DC motor?

DC motor is one kind of electronic device if you give electrical energy then it will convert it to mechanical energy as a kind of work done. by using this trick we can different things such as machines toys and also used on industrial cases... as a result, it is most useful to our daily life.

What is Dinamo?

If you want to understand this thing clearly then I will say that that it is a system where you can give mechanical or any type of power and the power will be converted into our needed energy which is electrical energy. one thing is that on DC what is DC motor that is Dinamo. so it means that if you turn the shaft of the motor then some electrical energy should be generated.

How Motor runs?

Motor runs in principal of Flamin' left-hand rule. I am not going to discuss this topic otherwise the topic will be too much longer. that is a topic for my different article.

What is a brush?

For turning the motor we need to give the motor constant DC voltage. the brush is the terminal from where we give the +ve  and -vs voltage to the motor. as a result, the motor turns on and on.

What is the material used for making brushes?

brushes are made of carbon and some amount of other metal elements. we know that carbon is a good conductor so we use this for making a motor.

Brushes were broken:

It particularly happens for the hobbyists and some other people who are pretty much interested in electronic projects. but no matter what it is. we have to repair. so what steps you should take for curing the motor. all the steps are given below.

Step 1: first open the motor's backside cover carefully. you should have a pair for better and easy opening.

Step 2: Pull the back side gently and do this very care fully you should not want note damage for the motor.

Step 3: Now use a metal wire for the connection. in my case, I am using 2 resistors legs for this. you can use any conductive wires.
connect the 2 resistors as shown on the picture.

Step 4: Now connection the backside of the motor carefully and make sure that the brush was connected with the motor well.

Step 5: After connecting the back lit now you have to connect the 4 junctions of the motor. In some motors, their are 2 points also available. make sure about that. it is for that your motor will not open when the motor is running. so it will help you a lot. 

Step 6: Now cut exta resistance wire from the point and you can connection external wire with the motor.

Step 7: Don't forget to add a heat shrink tube for the voltage insulation. It will make the motor linkage proof.

This trick can give the motor a new life. so this lifehack is  highly recommended.

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