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How to repair old torch or emergency Light?

How to repair old torch or emergency Light?

Repairing of emergency lights or torch is very easy nowadays. If you have dome basic repairing components then repairing is not a hard task. In this article, I will show you step by step checking process from where you can easily find which components/ component is misbehaving.

Here is a Quick demo video-

What is the problem of my emergency light?

In my emergency light, there are few problems
1st: the switch of the light is jammed. Light on and off process takes too much effort.
2nd: In spite of being charged the light the light is running very Short period.

steps should be followed for checking the emergency light.

Step1: first open the torch or emergency light with screwdrivers.
Step2: There you will find 3 main components

  1. Light Module itself.
  2. Battery
  3. Charging Board.

We will check all the components one by one. For a more clear concept, you must watch the YouTube video.

Step3: first we have to charge the emergency light with given adaptor or power cable for about 3 hours. Now if the battery is OK then it will deliver power to the light but if it is not OK then the light will run for a short time and then we will understand that the battery is dead.

Step4: Now you have checked that the battery can't able to hold the charge then surely change the battery otherwise you have to follow the step5.

Step5: you have checked the battery voltage is nearly the mentioned voltage (i.e. for some cases 4v and some cases 6v) then the problem should be from the charging board or the light section.
first, examine the components on PCP see that if there is any burning mark then you have to check it at the first sight.
Your 2nd work would be to smell the PCB and you have to find if there is any burnt smell.
Ok, That was the easy part.
Now you have to check all components part by part.

Step 6: First see the AC Capacitor is OK or not if the AC Capacitor (PF) is looking like the blasted mode or if there is any mark of a cut then you should understand that PF is not working.
Now we will check the Bridge rectifiers.

(i.e. if you don't know how to check the diodes here is a quick demo for you. set your millimeter to diode mode then use the two props of the muleteer multimeter to the diode. community connect the 2 props to the diodes end and do the same thing by replacing the two end of the diode. if you see that value is showing only one direction then you should understand that the diode is OK if you face such a situation where you are gating values for the two sides. then you should understand that the diode is damaged.)

Generally, the resistor connected with the parallel to the AC Capacitor damage. Other resistors which are auxiliary they should not damage generally.

Step7: Now till this step every component are OK. all are working property. now the next thing you will look first is the switch itself. I'm my case the switch was fully jammed. as a result, the light was not working properly.
So, what I did is that I used coconut oil for easy movement of the switch. and It worked just fine.

Step8: think such a situation where you have checked all 7 steps mentioned before. and your light was not cured.
so here the problems should be the spot lights itself.
It sometimes happens... you have forgotten to turn off the light when the light is charging. If this happens to your light then you have to remove the bad LED and replace it with a good one.
So, these are the major problems occurred in Emergency LED light. If you find this topic helpful to you have then please share this article with your relatives, Neighbors, family, and anywhere the world.

If I have made any mistake or if you have any query, suggestions then comment section is available feel free to write. It will motivate me for making good content you guys. And one more thing is that you should subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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