Saturday, 11 August 2018


1. What is PUBG?

Firstly, well the PUBG was released then this was only released for Xbox and for PC. At the time of releasing the game was not in the trending page but when they made the mobile version of this game like Android and the iOS then the game become famous. Now it has beaten the records Online stream games like Dota 2, CS GO and much more. Many maps high graphics and user-friendly controls make this game rank no 1.

2. How to play PUBG?

If you are like me who is not pretty much play Rummy online multiplayer games then this should be something difficult for you. but if you understand then you can get
'Winner Winner Winner chicken dinner!'
You can play in three modes, like solo duo and Quad. First when the game was released in China then there was only one map but now in the version update on 0. 7, they have introduced so many things. They have a red Arcade mode wide mode and also added more 3 maps for this game.
There will be total hundred of players it means if you are playing in Quad than 25 teams are added and so on if you use two players in a team then there will be 50 players is and if you play in solo then you know what the thing is then there will be a hundred players each.

All the hundred players have no weapons the first time they will be taken to a private jet then you have to jump through the private jet into the island which you like and then you have to fight your needs like a backpack the helmet and some girls with you needed for defeating other enemies.

In the map, you will find many places to jump through so so where you will jump it is a very good question now that the answer is if you are a beginner then I will suggest you don't jump into the areas like Pochinki, school, Rozok etc. Add another suggestion is that you have to jump from the line to the right side or left side I mean that you are going from a straight line in the plane don't don't jump into the that line got far away from the line I mean go to the right side go to the left side go to the southeast out waste not this Northwest extra so it means that when you are jumping at the line then many people also job there so it means that if you are a full Veena then they will kill you buy some guns. Is there Get the guns before you get.
Doesn't my thoughts about the game.

3. How to play PUBG on PC?

PC version of this game is also available and you can also buy this came from Tencent games but it is not the cheapest option and you can also not play with your friends because they are playing with the Android or iOS so it means that they will play only android and IOS servers. water. His to play with our friends with our PC to the same server so what you have to do? I think you're getting what I will say is an emulator. If you search on web Android Emulator for PC then you will get many options the first option will be the BlueStacks. But other options also available but our point is that if we use this type of  Android emulators then they will slow down our pc so it means that if you use this it will consume many RAM space of your PC so it to your PC will be slow so in our trick we don't use this type of villages for just running only one game we use the official software from the Tencent games then we will use that for running this game is way and you also get an option for mouse to control the any and the and the position you can you with your mouse and right click and left click available for the games also. those I drank emulators like BlueStacks are about 253 or 256 MB but the software which I am talking about is also an emulator for PUBG but also in low MB size it is only 4 MB. So better to use Tencent gaming buddy.

4. Steps should be followed:

  1. First, download Tencent gaming buddy from this link.
  2. Install the software.
  3. No there will be an option for downloading PUBG mobile so, download it.
  4. You should have a good internet connection If you are using Jio then you should keep in mind that it will take about 1. 5 GB for downloading the Total game. If you have broadband then you have no tension.
  5. After the installation there will be a play button will be shown to you just directly click on it and your game will start.

What changes you should take for a smooth gaming experience if you don't have any graphics card?

It is the frequently asked question I think if you don't have any graphics card you know what to do you have to just low all the graphics settings. For better understanding I am providing a screenshot of my Tencent gaming buddy then you can also just set like me and you can get a good gaming experience.

Bonus Tip: if you want to get a smooth gaming experience then what we have to do if we have to press the escape button after all the game and then you will go to the graphics option then you will find your graphics is set to smooth and frame rate is stated as the lowest option just set the frame rate higher and then you will get smooth better experience.

That's all about this article hope you like this detailed instructions.


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