Thursday, 30 August 2018

Sanhok Map On PUBG Mobile free download

Sanhok Map On PUBG Mobile

Let's talk about PUBG. If you are using PUBG China version then you should know about today's topic. PUBG has released the beta update for beta users. now they have introduced so many things.
here in this topic let's discuss that clearly. beta users got a new map Sanhok. for playing on the map you have to download the full beta version of the game and later I will discuss what are the things.

Follow my steps:

1. Download the  game from Here
2. It will take about 1.5GB for downloading
make sure you have not exhausted your Jio 1.5GB Daily data
3. afterward, now click on the install button.
4. like all games hen you click on the apk file then it will instantly give the install option. whenever you click on the install button then it will take some time for loading the apk. as the apk size is 112MB so the time is OK I Guess.
5. Now click on the install button and after that, the installation should be completed.
7. Now you can play PUBG Sanhok map.


  1. Beta version is for a Limited time.
  2. Store option and other customization options are not available in this case.
  3. The server is not as powerful as original PUBG Mobile. suppose you are searching for a duo match sometimes it will give some error to loading the game. Or like server timeout.
  4. As a beta version, you might see some lags in the game.
  5. The players who are using PUBG beta version are very tough to beat. as most of those are pro players. For exploring a new map they are taking a good practice with the new map. when the new map will be released in PUBG official game then they will know where they get much loot. where they can hide and many other things which complicate other players.
  6.  Last but not the least there are only two servers available for the beta version
  • North America
  • Korea [Till the last Update] 

Conclusion: All in all I can say that PUBG is a very addictive game. If you like to explore the new things of the game before it releases then I will definitely suggest you try the Beta version of PUBG.

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