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Switch Board making and Working

Switch Board Working: 


Suppose a situation where there is no electrician and you need an electronic extinction board as early as possible. So, at a mean time you don't know how to connect all the components together, In this short article, I am going to discuss all the things. So read the full article and you will understand everything. We will try to understand everything clearly systematically. 

1. What is an extension board?

Extension board is a device where you can connect multiple devices in long story short I can say that if you have multiple connections in a Boat and it is connected with the length of wire then it is called extension board. It should have a 3 pin 230-volt socket from where the voltage comes in and have several outlets from where the voltage comes out and we can use that voltage for our multiple purposes.

2. What things should you keep in your mind when you are making this extension board?

As yes I am an Indian citizen we have 230-volt air water what home purposes. now if you are making this type of boats then you should keep in mind that the board should have less capacity than 950 so it means that you can make extension board which is above 950 watts. it is for your safety viruses if you are giving more load than the MCB of your house should be down so it means that you have true of the MCV and then if true on the MCB so it was that it is about the Load of its capacity.

3. How voltage or current flow from one wire to another wire?

When we are dealing with AC voltage then there are two things like phase and neutral so the current flows from Phase to neutral systematically so if you connect wrong then there is the highest probability you can get a high electric shock.

4. Connection schematics:

This circuit is very simple and anyone can make this so firstly what you have to do is to connect the face of the 3 pin socket with a series with the switch so and this which outlet will be connected outer plug phace terminal. The neutral of the outlet should be connected with the plugs neutral. 

5. What if you connect the switch in between the neutral point?

It is a very good question and the answer is very simple if you are connecting the switch in the neutral connection there in the circuit fieldwork obviously but it is not the right connection systematics. now if you want the circuit to win the systematic where you have connected this week in the neutral condition so there will be you will get extreme shop from the connection because in the first case we have a Switch between the three pin plug phase and the outlet phase so it means that when the switch is off then the current will not flow after the switch to the current will go to the outlet of the extension board. as a result, we don't get an electric shock when the extension boards power is off. 
    Similarly, if you have connected the switch in between the neutral connection, if you are not is carefully then the outlets face terminal and the Three pin plug flush terminal are connected together so it means that when the switch is off. Then also there will be a current flow so it means that when the connection is on then you can get a shock obviously but when the connection is off then also you will get a shock so it is not safe for our work so we don't make this type of circuits.

6. How is single extension board works?

If you want to know more deeply so then you have to understand a simple circuit so fastly we will go through how you can make a single extension board and then if you understand it carefully then you can make and others big circuits also. 
Needed components are
1. A 3 pin plug
2. A 3 pin socket
3. And a switch and you can also call it SPDT switch.
Connect all the components as shown in the picture. And you are done.

7. How to connect several plans and switches?

If you have understood the first case where I showed 1 plug and one switch connection then making this thing is quite easy. make pairs of switch and outlet connections first. All the spare have a phase Input and a neutral input after that connect all the pairs neutral and phase together and then connect the final phase and neutral wire with the 3 pin plug. And lastly we are using three pin plug so we have a ground connection so what you have to do is we have to connect all the grounds in parallel and then connect the ground where with the three pin socket's ground terminal. Pupil also called this ground connection as earthing. so if I use a thing for my little girl then you should understand I am saying about the ground connection. 

8. Why I don't prefer buying instead of making an extension board?

The answer is simple when you are making something new then you will know something new for this made. That's why we called it DIY do it yourself. surely if you go to the market and buy the extension cord and extension board then you will understand that the quality of the product will not as good as the money you will spend. And if you spend more money then you will get a low-quality product and they easily heat up so better to use buy option as a long-lasting. 


Lastly, I would say it is a beating good connection diagram I have shown in this article and you can follow these steps make sure you know what you are doing so mans 230 volt is not a matter of game so if you don't know what you are doing don't try this at home so it is my recommendation if you know something about electronics and if you don't know how to connect the extension board then it is a pretty good way to connect all the components. I have also not mentioned what type of box you should use? In the market there are many types of boxes are available to the famous one I think is the PVC box so you can use PVC box also and they are you can also make a box from wood as your wish. And if you are using 4 or 5 outlets then you should definitely use high gauge wire.

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