Wednesday, 5 September 2018

How to make a powerful audio amplifier with 4440 IC?

4440 amplifier circuit diagram

Here is a Quick article where I am showing how you can make a 4440 amplifier circuit diagram you can also follow my Instructable page for better schematics, Now Let's get into it.

Features of 4440 IC:

  1. It is built in 2 channels either you can use it as Mono or as Stereo.
  2. It has a ripple rejection of 46dB.
  3. The 4440 IC can handle voltage up to 18v. But in general cases, we use 12v as Input.
  4. Both channels have clarity as they have good separation of audio, and the audio is distortion free.
  5. If you use 4440 IC in Stereo mode then wattage will be 6W x 2.
  6. If you use 4440 IC as Bridge mode then Wattage will be 19W.
  7. It has a protection circuit inbuilt.

Video Tutorial:

First, watch the full video then you will understand everything.

Used Components:

  1. One speaker (max 8 ohm)  Click Here
  2. 1uf 63v Capacitor  Click Here
    (You can use any cap between 16v and 63v) 
  3. One 4440 IC. Click Here
  4. Some wires. Click Here
  5. Soldering Iron
  6. 3.5 mm audio jack  Click Here
    (Note. You can collect the audio jack from any old or nonworking Headphones. If you don't have any then buy from the link given below.) 
  7. 12v battery or any power adapter Click Here
  8. Heat sink Click Here


4440 IC:

  1. I will go as simple as possible. there are 14 pins in the ic and it can mainly be used in Bridge Mono or in Stereo Mode.
  2. If you want to use the 4440 IC in Stereo mode then both channels are maximum capable of 5w so the sum of the two speakers will be 10w.
  3. If we use the amplifier at Bridge node then we can drive a total of 19w speakers.
  4. By the comparison, we can get that the efficiency of the bridge Mono amplifier is quite high. nearly 'x2'.
  5. That's why we are making the bridge amplifier.
  6. If you hold the IC from the front side I mean the 4440 logo is in front of you then the Pin Numbering will be 1 to 14 Left to right. Now it will be easier to understand.

4440 ic amplifier circuit diagram:

Circuit Diagram

           **Make sure you have connected all the components carefully otherwise you will damage the IC.

Note: Guys I didn't edit the original audio clip and also it is recorded from Android phone's Inbuilt Microphone. I don't have utilized any external mike so You will found some distortions. 

        Here is the complete article about 4440 ic amplifier circuit diagram. Hope you guys will understand and take this DIY project to an end. and don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. and if you want better schematics and better picture then you can follow my Instructables page. and lastly, Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more amazing tech DIY kinds of stuff.


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