Sunday, 18 November 2018

How to run android OS in PC?

Why Android OS?

Suppose you have an old PC or laptop. Suppose the laptop is hanging so much and that you cannot work anymore with Windows OS. Now you try to format your PC but it doesn't solve your problem. For solving the problem I will suggest you go for Android OS that will make your PC faster and smoother than Windows. Today in this topic I will be discussing how you can run Android OS side by side Windows 10. So let's jump into our topic.

Different Android Os:

  1. Remix os
  2. Phoenix Os
  3. Android-x86

      There are different os are available for your Android. On behalf of those are you only like the phoenix OS most.

  1. The Phoenix OS is made with 7.1 Nougat. So it means that you can run the most Android application at this time.
  2. Smooth and responsive.
  3. You can use your flash drive for installing this Os.
  4. You can run any high graphics intensive games like PUBG Mobile in this OS in 60fps HDR Ultra settings.


  1. First, download the installer exe file from the link below.
  2. Run the installer file. There will you find three options. In this case and just making my USB flash drive as an Android drive and this drive is 32GB in capacity.
  3. Connect the USB drive into your PC
  4. Select the middle option from the installer this is for making a USB flash drive as bootable so after that, you have to just refresh as select your flash drive. then click on ok and your flash drive making process will be on it will take some time for making the bootable drive.
  5. After that shut down your PC. Then connect the USB drive to your PC or your laptop.  Go to your boot menu. From their search, the USB drive selects that and press enter.
  6. Now, wait for sometime. It may show some errors but don't worry it will automatically boot up with Android. Obviously, you all know the fastboot will take some time. So wait for sometime and it will boot with Android OS automatically.

How to Unlock Download Link?

  1. There are 3 Buttons available Below. 
  2. If you forget any step then you will not be able to download the Desired Content.
  3. Firstly, Click on the buttons Do the tasks that are given one by one first to last.
  4. Click on the first button and Subscribe to Creative Creator. then come back to this page.
  5. If you have Subscribed to Creative Creator then the 2nd Button will work. In this task, you have to like Creative creators Official Facebook Page.
  6. If you have liked Creative Creator's Facebook Page then you Will Go for the last as well as the final task for downloading your Desired Content.
  7. If you Skip any step or you have directly Clicked on your desired step then you will not get the Download Link.
  8. Go and Enjoy!!

Now you are all set. You can use your Android as your mobile phone in your PC.

My Recommendation:

  1. If you have an old potato 🥔 PC then go with for this type of OS. It will not slow down your PC and don't Lag anymore.
  2. If you want to play PUBG  MOBILE without any Lag any issue without any graphics card also then this is a perfect choice, in my opinion, it will not give you any leg experience. You can also play in HDR ultra graphics settings.
  3. It is a lightweight OS suggest 600 MB only for Android OS so it is very low comparing with windows.

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