Monday, 3 December 2018

LED Chaser with only 4017

Hello Guys, Today in this article I will discuss LED Chaser Circuit Using 4017 Lighting IC. Hope you guys enjoy and you will make this project in your home.

Needed Components:

  1. 4017 Lighting IC. Click Here
  2. 1k Resistor. Click Here
  3. PCB Board  Click Here
  4. 10 LEDs for Chasing. Click Here
  5. Female Header Click Here
  6. 9V Battery  Click Here
  7. 9V Battery Connector.  Click Here
  8. Connecting Wires. Click Here
  9. Jumpers Click Here
  10. Multi-Colour LED Click Here
  11. 16 PIN IC Socket. Click Here
  12. Soldering Iron Click Here

4017 IC PIN Out:

Watch The Full Video!!

How It Works?

  1. 4017 IC has 10 Output pins and the IC needs a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for running this process. For this case the Pin 14 of the IC Works. For the reason, we use 555 Timer IC for giving the PWM signal. But in this case, we have used a Multi-Colour RGB LED for Triggering the IC. This is the simple concept of the Circuit. 
  2. If you look carefully then you can see the pattern is not always same. Sometimes It goes faster than expected and sometimes it Goes Slower. Here Is the Reason,

    • If you see the Multi-colour RGB LED from Close then you can see that the LED has some Strange Pattern. When the LED Goes Slower than Expected then the PWM Signal Produced from the LED was Low.
    • If you find the LED Changing Pattern is Faster than before, then the PWM signal produced from the LED became very High. As a result, you find that the 10 LED chasing speed Has gone too fast. 

  3.  I have Used a Multi-Color LED you can also use a Dual Colour LED for getting more accurate and a single Pulse as a Signal. You can Use any LED as your wish. For this case, the LED is running in only one state so we can believe that we will only get one PWM signal and the LED Pattern Goes from 1 to 10 in a single pattern.

Circuit Diagram:

             The Wiring will take some time for being complete. After Its doe then you can Gibe the Power anything in 3.7v to 9V for running the LED Chaser Circuit. It is a very Easy Circuit. So, I will highly recommend you to make this simple circuit.

            If you Guys Have Some Doubts about this project then I will request You to write down a comment in the comment section. This highly motivates me for writing such articles for you guys.


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  2. The schematic works great with the right kind of multi-colour RGB led.
    But not every multi-colour RGB led is suitable.
    You need to use an RGB led that has a small pause between the color switches.
    If it changes color very gradually, they don't have any voltage drop and won't trigger the counter.

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