Thursday, 27 December 2018

LED Dimmer Circuit

In this article, we are talking about the LED dimmer circuit. It is a basic circuit made out of 555 timer. Let us try to understand the LED dimmer circuit.

Watch the YouTube video:

Watch the video until the end and you will understand Everything. Here I have tested the circuit and the LED Dimmer Circuit Works perfectly. 

Components Used:

  1. NE555 Timer Click Here
  2. 1K Resistor Click Here
  3. 50k Potentiometer Click Here
  4. 1N4007 Diodes Click Here
  5. IRFZ44N MOSFET Click Here 
  6. 100nF, 10nF Capacitor Click Here 
  7. Breadboard Click Here
  8. DOT PCB Board Click Here
  9. 100W LED Click Here


LED dimmer circuit schematics:

How does the LED dimmer circuit works?

Here we are using 555 timer. You can control the duty cycles of the PWM signal by rotating the potentiometer.   The PWM pulse coming from pin number 3 is driving an N-channel MOSFET. The MOSFET basically dims the LED when it gets slow PWM signal. you can use any engineering MOSFET for any power transistor as per your need. For my case of a LED dimmer circuit, I used IRFZ44N N-channel enhancement type MOSFET. You can use any type of MOSFET as a load you are connecting. I have made the circuit on Dot PCB Board. You can use a breadboard for testing purposes. This is a cheap build which takes all under $1.


  1. I have mentioned the potentiometer about 10k to 50k. If you find 10k is not working great for you then I will suggest you go for the 50k potentiometer. This will solve your low problem.
  2.  If you want to drive 12 volt LED strips then I will suggest you take a power supply around 13 volts. Because for the dimmer we are using a MOSFET, the MOSFETs has its internal resistance. show the most it will take. 7 volt for its work so when you are working with this type of MOSFETs you will add +0.7 volts For great results.

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