The Name Reveal New means Knowing something new for everyone. As the name suggests that we will introduce top tech, DIY & much more in this website. This page is the official website of Creative creator Youtube Channel. Maximum videos which are made on this channel was explained in detail in this website. You can read the articles for gaining more knowledge which will help you to grow up your knowledge.

Who is behind this Website?

 ⮞ My name is Dhritiman De aka Creative Creator. I am a 19 years old Engineering student of electrical stream.

Who is my inspiration?

 ⮞ Before starting this page I have other pages I watched many big pages like who gives us some knowledge or making aware with the tech world. All of them are great bloggers. In them, I watched TechWisher, Beebom and more other websites but on behalf of them, I liked TechWisher the Most. He is my Main Inspiration.

How I write my Posts?

 ⮞ Firstly I will say that I am an Engineering Student for this I have really don't have too much time to write all the time in front of a Laptop or PC. My college was far away from my house. It's about 4 hours UP-Down in Train. Generally, I have my iPhone X in My Bag. I use notepad software in my iPhone for writing the posts. Beleave me guys this is the toughest part of an article. In this time I write the Articles for you guys. this trick helps me by saving my important time. 

        If you have more questions/suggestions about my channel then you can send me those things through my contact us form.